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About Us

Axian Technology has been supplying products and services to aerospace, medical, electronics, and commercial customers since 1959.  More recently, Axian has developed products for the military, consumer, and hobby sectors.  Axian supplies products to customers around the world using the latest machinery, systems, and controls.  We are an industry leader in the manufacturing of machined parts.

Our facility is a modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing complex located in north central Phoenix, Arizona.  Our main plant is located off the I-17 west side access road, just south of Union Hills, about 20 minutes north of Sky Harbor Airport.  It produces machined parts and assemblies.

In 2020, we moved into a larger facility to allow for continued growth.  In this move, we added about 10,000 square feet to our footprint.  Previously, Axian populated 3 different buildings, totaling about 30,000 square feet.  Axian is now under one roof, with approximately 42,000 square feet in our manufacturing plant.

We are continually improving our processes and increasing our level of automation and productivity in order to effectively compete with the ever-increasing foreign competition.  Axian is well versed in CNC machining, as well as manual processes where needed.  Our variety of machines allows us to be competitive on a wide variety of products, while reducing the need to outsource any machining, which further drives down our costs.

The Darkmill® was developed by Axian as part of this continuing process.  The Darkmill® is a 5-Axis unattended machining system for small un-fixtured parts.  We offer this patented system for sale, and we have them in production in our facility.  They run 24/7 with a labor content of under 8 percent.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to be an industry leader in the field of small parts manufacturing.

Our Operating Philosophy

To deal with our customers and employees with honesty, integrity, and understanding.  To maintain an overwhelming sense of “customer”, both for our external and our internal customers.  To strive for continuous improvement in our procedures, processes, and products.  To respect and understand our process variations, and to always strive to keep them in control.  And to always keep our focus on the process, not the product, for it is only in controlling the process that true quality is achieved.